Lanzarote's Volcanic and Hill Areas - walks to try out.

Walking and Touring within the volcanic areas on Lanzarote including going inside craters plus visiting rugged coastlines and Lanzarote beaches and out into the Island's Hills.

Risco de Famara walk on Lanzarote involving beaches, cliffs and tracks. This is a fairly short stroll of about 6.5kms and simply takes you for a wander along one of our favourite Lanzarote beaches. The walk then returns via a track which goes along about a third of the way up the high cliffs that dominate the wild and rugged beach of Playa de Famara.
The far end of this beach is easily the nicest since it is really unspoilt - you can reach it by car by taking the coast road out of Caleta de Famara which goes directly towards the cliffs. Where the road forks go left and follow the road as it passes by the outside of some houses to reach a t-junction. From here the road becomes a bumpy and sometimes pot-holed track - turn sharp left and follow the track fairly steeply down to reach the beach and pick your spot.
You can park just off the track anywhere along the beach - if you are really lucky you will find plenty of vacant rock wind-breaks available - usually the beach is quite deserted during the week. We have enjoyed quite a few naturist afternoons swimming, sunbathing as well as going off and wandering around on this wild Lanzarote Beach. Facing the sea head right along the track (or the beach if you prefer walking on sand and the tide is out). When you pass an old derelict building the track goes up quite steeply for a while and reaches a t-junction. Turn left and follow this track down and around as it hugs the cliffs and ends up at a small pebble beach. (if you have walked along the beach then pick the track up here for your return).
Las Mariscales Playa de Famara - wilder part of Lanzarote. Lanzarote Playa_de_Famara El Risco De Famari
Return back as far as the t-junction but this time keep straight on and follow this track as it goes up into the cliffs a little and then continues right along the cliffs - passing a couple of buildings - and eventually end up at a track junction.
Turn right and follow the track back down to the beach and your car and perhaps force yourself to keep your sun-bathing appointment in your wind-break.

Montana de las Lapas del Coerso - going inside a Lanzarote Crater.

This little walk has to be included even though it's only about 3km, since you get the opportunity to actually be inside one of Lanzarote's craters where unlike for instance the Montana Roja at Playa Blanca, the scenery is really rough and gives the feeling nothing much has changed since it blew it's top. Also you don't have to even walk 3km - you can just wander over to the visibile break in part of the crater where you can easily get inside it. However it did all look really interesting so we first walked clockwise round it and this gave us great views of the surrounding countryside as well as several of the crater's neighbours - also offering a really good experience of being right in a lava field (sort of hard to explain).
Montana de las Lapas del Coerso Montana de las Lapas del Coerso, Lanzarote lava - Montana de las Lapas del Coerso Montana de las Lapas del Coerso
Lanzarote - Montana de las Lapas del Coerso Montana de las Lapas del Coerso coloured lava, Lanzarote green lava Montana de las Lapas del Coerso
Getting There. Take the Uga to Madasche road (it's road number 30 on the AA map) which goes through the La Geria area, and then turn left onto the Tinajo road (about 8kms out of Uga). There is limited roadside parking just after the stone Principality sign (Montana de las Lapas del Coerso is on your left in the lava fields), but better parking can be found just a few hundred metres up the road on the right hand side. The well trodden black sandy track is clearly visible heading across the lava to the crater - when you get to the side of the crater you can either go clockwise round which walks you through some very heavy lava and then on the far side gives you great views of the surrounding countryside, or simply turn right and follow the track round to where the side of the crater is very low - then obviously just walk into it and enjoy the sights - it is really impressive inside.

Mancha Blanca - Tinajo - Mancha Blanca Circular and quite flat walk on Lanzarote.

This 12.5 km circular walk is relatively flat and takes you through some nice stone-wall lined roads. It then goes round one of Lanzarote's craters and finishes off along more little lanes as it returns back into Mancha Blanca. The walk starts on the outskirts of Mancha Blanca on the road to La Vegueta by the church Muestra Senora de los Volcanoes which is situated in a quite large square and where there is plenty of parking available. Walk back along the road into Mancha Blanca and at the road junction turn right and take the lower road and follow it around the houses. (or you can just cut through the houses to pick up the road which actually loops back on itself).
Mancha Blanca church, Lanzarote Mancha Blanca walk, Lanzarote Lava growing fields, Lanzarote Mancha Blanca walk on Lanzarote
This road leaving Mancha Blanca is the way to Montana del Fuego - just after you leave the houses, at the bottom of a hill and on a bend, turn right into a small stone-walled lane heading through fields and gradually climbing to reach another road junction after about 5 minutes walking. Turn left to take this lovely stone walled lane as it meanders along through fields towards Montana de Tenza and reach a t-junction beneath the Montana after around another 25 minutes; (if you go left you can go to either Playa de la Madera (a track going through lava fields) or Tenesar (tarmac) but both of these are quite a long walk).
Turn right and follow the road with Montana de Tenza on your left and fields on your right to walk towards Tinajo - look out for the caves in the side of the Montana. Eventually walk into the outskirts of Tinajo and continue to the main road - cross this road and head right and shortly note a supermarket on the corner of a road junction - turn left and head out of Tinajo.
Montana Tamia, Lanzarote Montana Tiguaton, Lanzarote Ignore turnings to left and right and stay on this road (you will shortly see another quite busy main road running parallel on your left - you do not want to be on it). Once past houses you come to a cemetery on the right and shortly after this some sort of builders merchant's site (?) on your left - continue past these to arrive a road fork, take the right hand fork and follow this up hill to a saddle - you will see the military aerials etc up on Montana Tinache high above you on your right. Cross the saddle and continue on the same road as it turns back and completes a semi-circle of the Montana and heads back along as a nice little stone-wall line road towards Mancha Blanca. As the church becomes visible turn left to take a tarmac'd lane which cuts across to the main road - turn right and follow this back to the church.

Visiting the tiny Canary Island of La Graciosa and taking a walk there.

The small Canary Island of La Graciosa lies close to the northern coast of Lanzarote and is reached by a shortish (25 minutes usually) ferry ride from Orzola.
Punta Fariones on La Graciosa La Graciosa Island  - Orzola At the time of our holiday the boat was leaving Orzola at 10am, 12 midday and 5pm daily and from Caleta del Sebo in La Graciosa at 8am, 11am and 4pm - this of course is liable to change so should be checked before turning up. The ferry itself is a twin-hulled boat (only takes passengers) - and you have to admire the seamanship as they bring the boat very very close to the rocks and into Orzola harbour - there is a very narrow channel for them to use and the sea just there seems always to be very rough. We could not find anywhere near the harbour in Orzola to buy any bread rolls etc but fortunately Caleta del Sebo (on the island) has a few restaurants, a small supermarket and a nice baker's shop selling rolls and of cakes (this is just to to the left of the supermarket on the corner).

The walk
described below is a distance of around 17.5 kms, and is quite easy to follow with no climbs of any note to struggle up. With your back to the harbour you can see the track out of the village just slightly to the left of you (goes past the bakers shop), simply follow this straight ahead through the houses out and slowly up into the open countryside - Montana Pedro Barba is ahead and slightly to the right of you and Montana del Mojon ahead and slightly to the left of you. After around 30 minutes you come to a junction, turn right here and follow the track as it goes slowly up and around the base of Montana Pedro Barba - eventually the track goes over a crest and then descends to reach the track junction - this about 75 minutes into the walk. The right hand track takes you down to Pedro Barba village if you think you have the time for this diversion (bearing in mind the last ferry time and that they do not wait).
La Graciosa, Canary Islands Canary Islands - La Graciosa The Canary Island of La Graciosa La Graciosa near Lanzarote
You can continue round the island on the main track but because we were unsure of how much time this might take and we wanted to spend a little while on the beach we decided to cut across the island. The map shows a footpath which goes closely round the base of Montana Pedro Barba but we could not find this - presumably the wind had sanded it over. However we could see the massive Montana Bemerja clearly in front of us and we made our way across the open countryside aiming for it's left side - walking was fortunately quite easy underfoot. Once near the coast the main track became visible and so did unfortunately the local rubbish tip; keep the rubbish tip on your left and keep going straight across to the sandy beach - the tiny but very imposing island of Montana Clara is in front of you. At the beach there are several stone wind-breaks you can use and you will probably be unlikely to see any other person anywhere near you so fine for stripping right off for some natural sunbathing - it is a very nice beach.

sandy La Graciosa beach on La Graciosa La Graciosa small Canary Island of La Graciosa
Probably the time of the last ferry back is at the back of your mind a little and we reckon you can get from the beach to the ferry in around one hour without too much effort. Leaving the beach pick up the black sandy track which heads initially right and passes the rubbish tip, and then goes off between Montana Pedro Barba now on your left and Montana del Mojon on your right. After about half an hour you re-join the outbound track at the junction and from here you can simply continue down to the port. If you still have plenty of time left half way down to the port take a sandy track going off to the right - follow this passing through the goat station and head towards the coast - you can see the large white crematorium up the hill on your right. There is an interesting tidal lagoon at the end of track to explore - once finished looking round return along the coastline passing lots of rock pools etc. and back to the port where hopefully the ferry has not left you behind.
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