The Canary Island of Lanzarote - Hiking Ideas for walks on the Island with photos.

Lanzarote does have some excellent walking possibilities over all sorts of terrain from coastal and beach walks to inland in and around the cones and lava fields and going inside (extinct) craters. Apart from our walks descriptions there are also several photos which might help in planning a driving and sightseeing tour around Lanzarote.

The first three walks for Lanzarote are described on this page. All simply go around the coastlines and are generally quite flat but might be considered as strenuous since the distances are considerable and of course taking into account the weather is likely to be hot on the island. So remember to take plenty of drink with you as well as a hat.

Playa Blanca-Lighthouse-Punta Gorda - along the Costa de Rubicon and back. 23.5km
Playa Blanca - Papagayo coastline - visiting the beaches to Papagayo and back. 17.5km
Salinas de Janubio to Punta Gorda - from Salinas (saltpans) to Punta Gorda and back 17km

These walks can be found on our Lanzarote Hill Walks topic - and are somewhat more difficult.
Playa Blanca Crater (Montana Roja) - Up and back - leg warmer - 3.7km
Yaiza - Femes - Yaiza - Circularish - highest viewpoint in the South (Atalaya de Femes) 13.5km - hilly
Uga to Puerto del Carmen - Very steep walkng at times - one way. 17.5km
Maguez - Ye - Maguez - Circular 14.5km - quite moderate with a couple of hard steep climbs

The following more Volcanic Lanzarote walks are inland and visit craters or go through countryside - and Las Graciosa.
Risco de Famara - Circular 6.5km walk - fairly easy
Mancha Blanca-Tinajo-Mancha Blanca - Along stone lined lanes - 12.5km - quite easy
Montana de las Lapas del Coerso - Round and then inside a very rough crater - 3km easy
Las Graciosa (island) - Circular-ish though perhaps more of a "p" shaped walk - 17.5km - undulating.
With all these walks there is generally no facility for buying drinks or food on the routes - remember that it can become extremely hot especially in the hills and inland but also along the coasts despite perhaps benefiting from apparently "cooling" sea breezes - decent footware and plenty of drink to take are really necessary.

Playa Blanca - Lighthouse - Punta Gorda circular walk on Lanzarote.

This walk could be considered a little difficult due to the length (23.5km) especially if the weather is particularly hot but it is basically a flat walk and is circular - the enjoyment apart from that of walking is exploring the rocky inlets, watching these sea and just being out on the tracks.
We started from Playa Dorada beach and walked along the coastline using the promenade as far as the harbour - it should be possible to continue along the coastline but we did find in several places that the path/promenade was blocked off due to building work which meant diverting off and having to use the roads. Once you get clear of the buildings the track continues along the coast to the lighthouse [N28°51'21 W013°52'21].
Simply continue along the coast initially passing villas and houses on your right - but the path is there and open for public use. The coastline is quite rugged - the way the sea crashes onto the rocks is spectacular in places and there are quite a few small rocky coves/inlets to explore. We made our target the mostly derelict but huge concrete mess called the Atlantic del Sol which soon becomes visible - however before you reach this you come across a fairly high stone wall (Punta Gines) and just before this wall - hidden within the rocks - someone has made a stone wind-break circle [N28°53'08 W013°52'50] which is perfect for a stop off to have a picnic and/or even strip off for a sun-bathe if you wish.
Faro de Pechigueia - Lanzarote Playa Blanca area on Lanzarote. Playa Dorada - Lanzarote Montana Roja - Lanzarote
Having walked in and around the gorgeous Atlantic del Sol note the wide track heading directly inland - however continue a little way further along the coast to end up at Punta Gorda - if the sea is rough you can get great views of it crashing into the rocks - and if visibility is good can also see the distant salt pans and even just about El Golfo.
Return back to the hotel and pick up the main dirt road leading directly inland and follow this across the rough ground - there are still loads of previously marked out "roads" and building locations visible all around to show what a huge endeavour this had been intended to be - however ignore any diversions and simply keep straight ahead as the track goes steadily up a rise to a crest.
Lanzarote - Costa de Rubicon Several hundred metres before the top of the crest note another track on your right going in the same direction, walk over and join this and continue up the crest on this fresh track. As you top the crest you will see some very large dumper trucks in front of you in the distance - this is a gravel excavation site and is where the track ends - when you get here bear right and continue round to find a main track which the lorries are using - carefully follow this down avoiding getting run over if possible though the lorries do drive very slowly. Part way down the track look to your left and note some red and white marker poles - make your way over to them where you will find a tarmac road. Turn left along the road (you can fortunately walk off the tarmac surface on a sort of track) - follow this road as it goes up and then round to the right following the base of Montana Roja - note as you go down the road towards Playa Blanca (before the houses start) there is a track on your right which is a way to walk up to the crater. Depending on where you want to end up in Playa Blanca either go straight down the road to the old Main Road or just after the houses start you can turn right at the cross roads and this will lead you down to the harbour.

Playa Blanca and Papagayo Beach long walk along the Lanzarote coastline

This 17.5km walk starts off in Playa Blanca and heads out along the coast now contained within Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches which means the area should be protected from building.
Playa Blanca - Lanzarote Island. Castilo de Las Colorada - Lanzarote The walk visits probably the best beaches on Lanzarote but also manages to take in quite a horrible one - Playa de las Coloradas which is suitably dominated by a huge lump of hotel. From Playa Blanca harbour walk along the sea-front promenade passing Playa Dorada and come to the new marina - this has been well designed with lots of shrubs etc. and pathways which criss-cross small wooden bridges to make it a very pleasant walking area. Continue on the path through houses and then walk up the sloping pavement to the castle - Castilo de las Coloradas. From here the path continues down to the Playas de las Coloradas black stony beach and the lovely view of the monster hotel in front of you. Walk along the beach to the other end and here you have to scramble up the small cliff-side to get back onto the path, we found it easiest to go up on the side by the hotel fence using the fence as a support.
From here pick up the cliff path and then literally go to each beach in turn starting with Playa Mujeres - a really lovely beach and well used by naturists. Note most of the beaches along here do not have any facilities - the only exception is one of the furthest beaches along called Papagayo which does have a restaurant. From Papagayo beach walk on out to the headland and then following the coast you come to Playa de Puerto Muelas which is apparently the official naturist beach though it seems most beaches along this part of the coast can be used by naturists or not depending on personal preference. (Also this area of the Lanzarote coast is popular for naturist walks).
Playa Mujeres - Lanzarote Papagayo Beach - Lanzarote Punta del Papagayo - Lanzarote Playa de Puerto Muelas - Lanzarote
What we did note at this Lanzarote beach was that a large area seems to have been set out as if for a camp site but there was no information around about this -- might be worth checking out should you want to go to Lanzarote on a camping holiday.
Continue along the coast as far as you want to and your feet think they want to. There is a nice little barranco at El Pasito which has a small stony beach at the end and lots of shrubs and flowers growing on it's sides; we ended up at another much larger barranco at Baja Complida which was also quite interesting to explore. From here it was time to start back - you can re-trace along the coast but it is quite a long way - instead cut across westwards inland to pick up and then cross a vehicle track - heading back more directly towards Playa Blanca.
Lanzarote Coastline from Papagayo Papagayo - Lanzarote Papagaya walking are - Lanzarote Lanzarote and a Playa Mujeres Lizard
Once you can see the horrible hotel at Playas de las Coloradas head for this - just outside the hotel area go round it on the right using a marked path since scrambling down the cliff back onto the black beach is pretty difficult. It is then simple to get back onto the coastal promenade and walk back into town.

Salinas de Janubio to Punta Gorda - Lanzarote coastal walk.

This straightforward walk is pretty much a flat affair and gives the opportunity to explore lots of coves and small inlets, and also to watch the sea crashing in on the coast. Probably it's difficulty lies in the distance (around 17km there and back) and also because underfoot you are quite often walking on small rocks which tends to hurt the soles of your feet after a while. Our feet were certainly a bit sore by the end of the walk even though we wore walking boots.
rough seas Salinas de Janubio - Lanzarote Salinas de Janubio walk - Lanzarote Janubio coastal walk on Lanzarote Caleton Del Rijo
Park in the large car park above the beach at Salinas de Janubio then head across the very black sandy beach to the small car park on the other side. Here you will find a path which almost immediately forks - take the lower path and continue along following the coast until you eventually arrive at a track. Continue in the same direction on the track and just keep going along the coast - quite soon arriving at the desalination building. Here the track has collapsed into the sea so you need to walk to the left and then round the de-salination plant to then pick up the track again.
The enjoyment of the walk is in leaving the track and just walking as close to the sea as you can - there are huge rocky inlets and rock pools etc. to have a look at - and in places (when the sea is rough) the way the waves crash in is really spectacular. The walk ends at Punta Gorda - which is where the rotting Atlantic del Sol exists but obviously you can opt to return sooner or continue on a while further if you wish - you can of course keep going to the lighthouse and ultimately Playa Blanca if you are doing a one way trip. Having walked tightly around the coastline going, we opted to pick up the track and walk it back to Salinas de Janubio but again this is a matter of choice. Note the track and in fact the area is littered with small rocks around here and is quite awkward to walk on.
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