Walks up in the Hills in Lanzarote.

Yaiza, Femes, Maguez - Ye - Maguez and Uga to Puerto del Carmen Walks on Lanzarote.

There are four walks described below. Three of the walks could be described as medium to strenuous as they are somewhat "bumpy" with a little bit of climbing up slopes and stuff involved. This also makes these walks quite difficult when you add in the probably hot weather. Therefore as always taking plenty of water is necessary as well as a decent hat.

Yaiza - Femes - Yaiza walk involving going to the Dreaded aerials/transmitter sites.

Once spotted - and of course they are always really high up on a hill or mountainside - there really is no choice but to go and walk up to them. Located in the south of Lanzarote Island these infernal aerials are at 608 metres above Femes and are visible for miles around.
This enjoyable but fairly strenuous and un-complicated walk starts and returns at Yaiza and is around 13.5kms. Note that it can be extremely windy up on the ridge - if the weather is quite windy down in Yaiza it will probably be much stronger up there and possibly hazardous to try this walk. It is on a track but you do cross a narrowish ridge which seems to act like a wind tunnel in the area where it dips. We were up there one day and could hardly stand up against the wind - and when the frequent gusts hit us it was very very difficult (in fact we decided to give up). Another point is to check for low cloud around - the aerials and upper parts of the area can be blanked out - if so pick another day for the walk.
Yaiza view of La Degollada, Lanzarote Yaiza Femes flora, Lanzarote Lanzarotes flora Yaiza Aerial Masts Walk, Lanzarote
Lanzarote - Yaiza church The walk involves a 7km constant climb to the masts - always on a wide track (so no vertigo implications), a walk back down on a zig-zag to Femes, a walk on a really nice path followed by a quite steep but short climb back up to the ridge and finally a wander back down part of the original track into Yaiza. Start the walk from the church and take the La Degollada road out of Yaiza, just on the outskirts of the village you come to fields and also a road going off sharp left, take this road as it goes between houses on it's left and fields on the right - after about 500 metres the road crosses a junction and becomes a track.
Continue on up this track to reach a ruined windmill on your left and a 3-way track junction - take the right hand track as it continues to climb up to the ridge.
Later just after a stone ridge the track forks - stay on the right hand side and simply follow this main track to the now visible aerials. Once up at the site the views are fantastic with the saltpans, Timanfaya and lots of craters and cones all clearly visible. On the far side of the aerial buildings there is a path dropping down to a cave house but going down to this is a waste of time since all that you will find there are two locked wooden doors. Returning down the track from the aerials take the right hand track which zig-zag's you down towards Femes.
Yaiza-Femes walk Yaiza to Femes walk Yaiza - Aerial Walk volcanic colours on Lanzarote
At a track junction go left and at the next track junction turn right and loop on down eventually on a tarmac road to end up on the main Femes road. From the main road turn left and walk out of Femes - just after leaving the village's last houses there is a double road junction on the left - continue with a stone wall on your left and as you get to the end of the wall a track goes off left - this track skirts the back of the fields and eventually becomes a really nice small rocky path. Follow this path as it heads towards two trees halfway up the hill - the path is marked with cairns once it leaves the field edges. Just stay on this path as it eventually climbs back up to a ridge.
Femes village seen from the Lanzarote hills walking in Lanzarote shrubs and flora - Lanzarote walks Yaiza-Femes walk Lanzarote
Now for a nice surprise - join a main track and turn left to walk up an awfully steep track of only about 100 metres but wow!.. as the track sort of flattens it bears right to arrive back up at the stone ridge (mentioned above on the outward trip). Turn right and return down to Yaiza.

Maguez - Ye - Maguez circular walk on Lanzarote.

The following 14.5km circular walk was one of the nicest we did on Lanzarote - stone wall-lined tracks, countryside, great views, craters and a couple of very steep climbs.
Start the walk by wandering along the road out of Maguez and passing the church on the left, then after a couple of minutes (and having just passed by a large garden) turn left up a quite steep village road. Ignore a road near the top coming in from the right - continue straight on until the road bears left where you will find a branch track going off virtually straight on - the track is lined with palm trees. Continue on the track as it gently goes up towards the Montana Corona in front of you - the track goes through fields and is lined with stone walls. At the top you will find a large concrete thingy which we think is for catching and storing water and also what appeared to be a couple of (dis-used?) military bunkers. Then just after this there appears to be a very black scree path going up the crater (this is also shown on the map as a path and our gps did tie up with it as in the correct place) however it looked far to slippery to bother with.
MaguezMaguez to Ye walk on LanzaroteMaguez-Ye walkLanzarote Ye Maguez walk
So stay on this main track as it goes right round the Montana - ignore a cross track and later two tracks going off to the right. The area becomes much more volcanic - the track descends - ignore another track going right - eventually note a large villa sat up on the crater side on your left. Just before reaching the main road the track splits - go left and continue on down to the road.
Maguez to Ye walk Lanzarote - Ye countryside on Lanzarote Maguez walk, Lanzarote
Go left on the road and walk uphill - passing some huge gates on the right - and at the next sharp bend (about 6 minutes along) there is a stone-walked track going off on the right and heading towards another (hopefully extinct) volcano.Lanzarote donkey You can see the track as in turns right and circles the volcano called La Quemada - eventually you arrive at the Orzola road. Turn left and follow this road for about 4 minutes and at the next bend take a track on the left going back up into the hills - this is one very steep climb and continues for some time. As it gradually levels out the track goes to the right side of the crater and heads away from it passing a small farm - then dips down into a valley. Still keeping on the main track follow it on round and then up quite steeply into Ye. At the road turn left and follow it along to return back to where you originally joined it. Unless you have been looking over your shoulder on the way out you will find the views are quite different now, anyway simply follow this track back to Maguez.

Uga to Puerto del Carmen walk on Lanzarote.

This is 17.5 km of really great walking - one longish continual climb plus two quite steep climbs and then a walk down into Puerto Carmen - so it could be described as strenuous from both climbing and distance points of view - especially in hot weather.
Montana de Guardilama view, Lanzarote Lanzarote - Montana de Guardilama Starting off in UGA by the church take the main road which goes to La Geria/Teguise - at the crossroads turn left and taking this small road you will see it changes to a track ahead of you which climbs steeply up to rejoin the main La Geria/Teguise road (this is just to avoid the big loop on the main road). Turn left and after a few yards turn right onto a grey/black track heading into the valley with fields populated with grape vine rock enclosures either side.
The track goes quite gently upwards heading towards the Guardilima - which of course has to be climbed. The track slowly bends to the right in front of this little hill and crosses over a ridge and then starts going down - to the left are really good views of Timanfaya Park and La Geria road and lava. As the track goes down from the ridge the fields end and there is a more open area on the left, also a path heading left towards Guardilima.
Follow this path across a rough field to a wall and then take a now visible track heading straight up the side of the Montana - the track soon becomes a scree-path and is very much steeper - eventually it starts to zig-zag asit carries on steeply up to the summit.The views up here are tremendous - you can see everywhere. Vertigo is not really an issue since at the top by going slightly to the right the area is actually quite flat.
Return the same way - in fact going down was found to be far more difficult than the climb since the scree is quite slippery - so perhaps wearing walking boots and perhaps even taking a trekking pole with you would be a good idea.
Montana Guardilima - TOP, Lanzarote Lanzarote fields near Uga Uga - fields in the lava Montana Guardilima - Lanzarote
Back at the original track turn right to go back a little way to take a track off to the left heading up towards some buildings - this is quite a stiff climb and takes you to the top of Montana Tinasoria - really this is not to be missed since again the views are brilliant - also even if windy there are large rocks which can be used as windbreaks to have a rest/drink/picnic. From here there are two options - return back down to the main track and turn right to go on down towards the coast or continue on round the top of the hill to pick up the main track further back. It is unclear if there is right to do the latter however we saw several people ahead of us taking this route and did this ourselves as follows: From the top of Montana Tinasoria continue on the track which soon dives steeply down to a flatter area then slowly swings right and climbs back up - the track suddenly ends as you come to fields.
There is a well trodden path which drops down and along the fields on the black sand (this is the part where we are not sure if access is actually ok) to eventually arrive back on the main track. Turn right and head back again up and over the crest passing the Tinasoria and then the Guardilima turn offs - and continue down towards now visible houses in front of you and the flat coastline (and to your left Puerto de Carmen) in the distance. A little way from the houses leave the track on a sandy path on the right to then join another track - turn right down this and continue on down now with villas both sides of you and maybe like us obtain a small dog for a pet as well. Continue down crossing a tarmac road and then about two minutes later bear left round a villa (San Miguel) - soon after this as the road bears right there is a large abandoned house on the left and also a tarmac road joins also from the left - continue on down the road heading towards the sea.
Lanzarote - UGA and Yaiza Montana Tinasoria views, Lanzarote Uga walk on Lanzarote Lanzarote villa
Around two minutes later arrive at a tarmac road - there is a huge concrete rain-water collection area (and presumably underground reservoir?) on your left. Turn left along the road but quickly take a gravel track on the right to join another tarmac road slightly below, turn left on this and follow it until the main road is reached.
Go left on the main road towards a petrol station - after about a 10 minute walk from the concrete reservoir cross the main road and take a narrow road opposite towards the coast and follow this to then meet the Puerto del Carmen road. Turn right passing a restaurant and a gift shop then as the main road bends carry straight on along another small road - go straight on at the first junction, at the next junction turn left and after a few yards right onto a track which goes down through a bulldozed gully to arrive at the Puerto Calero-Peurto del Carmen road. Cross the road to continue on a track opposite - this track winds round a little and goes through a barranco to ultimately arrive at a dead end by some closed iron gates which are on the left. But it's not a dead end - just to the right of the wall take a small path going above the barranco to arrive by the sea and continue left along the coastline back to Puerto del Carmen.

Playa Blanca from Montana Roja, Lanzarote Montana Roja, Lanzarote

Playa Blanca Crater (Montana Roja) easy walk on Lanzarote.

Quite a few people staying on holiday at Playa Blanca take a stroll along the coastal path and then divert inland to have a walk up into their "local" crater - you don't need any special clothing usually, just reasonable footwear. Also there are not any particular vertigo implications once up there since the crater is not that high, the path is quite wide and the crater's sides slope down easily rather than steeply. Our walk did not go the "normal" way since on the way back from a previous walk we had noticed a track heading up towards the crater and decided to do it that way.
This is only about 3.7kms there and back so we decided to walk it one morning as a "leg warmer" before going off to do a much longer walk elsewhere. Take the old road out of Playa Blanca (towards the Salt Pans) but after a short distance take the first (proper) road off to the left going into houses, follow this road on up passing through and by all the houses and then just after the brow of the hill there is a track going off to the left - there is quite a bit of parking available just here - [N28°52'43 W013°51'06].
The walk is quite simply a question of wandering up this nice zig-zag path until you reach the Montana Roja - from here you can then meander round the top lip of the crater and also walk into the centre if you wish. There are good views of Playa Blanca and also the lighthouse and the coasts from the top - also you can see the hills around Femes which might just tempt you to have a harder walk up the (sometimes) visible aerials high above Femes.
, Lanzarote - volcanic Montana Roja views from Montana Roja on Lanzarote The Crater - Montana Roja, Lanzarote Montana Roja, Lanzarote

Return back the same way if your car is parked as above, otherwise if you can walk back down into Playa Blanca by taking the fork to the right - it cannot be missed because there are so many people coming up and down this way.
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