The Canary Island of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is a particularly unusual and scenic Canary Island which offers plenty to do on holiday - excellent beaches, great sightseeing and lovely Lanzarote weather.

El-Golfo Beach and it's green sea on Lanzarote.
When we last went on a holiday to Lanzarote we stayed at Playa Blanca. It is amazing how much building is going on now - mostly apartments and small houses for sale. The Playa Blanca of old i.e. from some years ago has disappeared under a lot of concrete and probably it is going to get a whole lot bigger yet.
That said, most of the building is very low level and a lot of trouble has been taken to plant shrubs to keep the area as nice as possible. This building craze also seems to be applied to Puerto del Carmen, Teguise and in fact most of Lanzarote's villages and towns - thank goodness various areas of the island have been designated Parks etc which will preclude building encroachment - hopefully.
Another thing we noticed whilst on holiday on Lanzarote was that (apart from with the National Parks such as Timanfaya and Monumento Natural de los Ajaches) quite a lot of the tracks we knew of on our previous visit have been tarmac'd over which is a shame if you like track-walking but probably good news for hire-car companies.

About Driving on Lanzarote:

The Canary Islands are generally pretty cheap for hire cars by European standars and Lanzarote seems to still be one of the cheapest. As previously mentioned many of the Island's tracks have been surfaced now however the roads tend to be pretty quiet away from the main tourist spots. In fact only around Puerto del Carmen and of course Arecife was traffic found to be particularly heavy. Driving across the lava fields on Lanzarote is now not too bad, the roads have been mostly marked on the sides with large lumps of lava/rock so you are not so aware of the sometimes deep drops awaiting you should you go too far right when an angry bus heads at high speed towards you.
Timanfaya roads are also pretty wide now and ok to drive with ease. However the road through La Geria which passes through the grape vine fields (out of Uga northwest) is remarkably narrow in places and certainly does have some nice deep drops on the sides to welcome you should you wish to visit them.

Eating on Lanzarote - Restaurants.

We found several good restaurants along the front at Playa Blanca - actually for the size of the place there are not that many to chose from - anyway we found the food nicely cooked - and big plate full of it, friendly waiters, good wine and lots of menu choice - typically a main meal with a bit of bread and a jug of house wine (or bottle of local wine) was around 35 Euros for the two of us. Many meals come with chips as standard but you can ask for either canary potatoes or jacket potatoes plus vegetables instead thank goodness.
Timanfaya National Park Volcano - Lanzarote.

Things to do on Lanzarote - walking and hiking.

We enjoyed a few walks whilst on our Lanzarote holiday - there are plenty of paths and tracks to chose from for a walk or two on Lanzarote - we managed about 120 miles of walking (and took many photos..) during our couple of weeks holiday and that only within quite small parts of the island. There were loads more tracks we just did not have the time for. The walks vary from circular to end-to-end, are from just a few kms to around 20 km, and go from coastline following i.e. fairly flat to walks involving sometimes quite steep climbs. We tried where possible to stay off tarmac but as mentioned above the continued surfacing of tracks means at times normal roads had to be used for a part of some of the walks. We have included some GPS readings (Lat/Lon) at various locations for those who like to play around with Magellans etc. using WGS84. It is worth taking a look at our walks since even if you don't like hiking too much there are lots of photographs showing the various features seen around the walk locations.

Please see our separate photo guide about some of the lovely beaches on Lanzarote.

Los Hervidores. This is where you can watch the sea crashing into and through rock blowholes (this obviously only when the sea is reasonably rough and the waves are arriving at the ideal angle).
Canary Island of Lanzarote - Los Hervideros Lanzarote Los Hervideros Los Hervideros, Lanzarote Island Los Hervideros Lanzarote

El Golfo on Lanzarote. These photographs below are from the really unusual location of El Golfo and it's surrounding area. The deep green looking water in the mini-lagoon down on the beach is really this colour - the green comes from the algae. Certainly this mixture seems to suit the fairly large fish which you can see swimming around in the lagoon.
Lanzarote El Golfo green water Lanzarote El Golfo Lanzarote and El Golfo Beach Lanzarote's fairly unique El Golfo

Montana Del Golfo, Lanzarote Parque Naturelle Volcanos area of Lanzarote Timanfaya Park on Lanzarote La Geria - Parque Natural de los Volcanos
La Geria - these pictures above and below were taken from inside Lanzarote's

Parque Natural de los Volcanos - Timanfaya area

- there are lots of lava fields and craters to be looked around and the colours are amazing at times. When you get a contrast of a brooding angry looking crater or volcanic cone with a cloudy sky behind it the views are spectacular.
La_Geria, Lanzarote Lanzarote La Geria La Geria - Parque Natural de los Volcanos, Lanzarote La Geria - Parque Natural de los Volcanos

Lanzarote Places to visit - try taking a trip to Teguise.
Lanzarote and Teguise ChurchThese are some photographs which were taken in and around Teguise. It's a really pretty little - normally peacefull - Lanzarote town and pleasant to walk round - however it's worth noting that on Sundays there is a large market which is located in the town's church square. Therefore the roads in and around Teguise become incredibly busy - so it can take ages just to get through the traffic chaos and manage to find a parking space.
Apart from the local islanders going there for the market you will also find lots of holidaymakers around who are ferried in on coach trips as part of the "round the island" day trips and escursions.
Teguise Teguise Church on Lanzarote Teguise windmill - Lanzarote Teguise flowers - Euphorbia Milii

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