Beaches on Lanzarote

Photos and and an information guide showing off several of Lanzarote's excellent Beaches.

Probably the best Lanzarote holiday beaches in the south are just outside of Playa Blanca with Playa de Papagayo beach probably being the most well known, but also check out the others nearby like Mujeres and Pozo.
There is now a charge for vehicles to enter Monumento Natural de los Ajaches where these Lanzarote beaches are located which is just a few Euros - this area is track only and the surfaces are extremely rough but perfectly possible with a hire car - the way in is to go down to the Playa Blanca - Femes roundabout and in you bump from there.
The other Lanzarote beach Playa_de_Famara area of Lanzarote.we have always loved to go to is up the other side of the island at Playa de Famara - you can use the beach which runs alongside the road (have never seen any naturists here by the way and since many locals seem to use it as well as families I am not sure stripping off here would wise?). However you can drive further along the road towards the cliffs, then take the left hand fork which soon passes houses on the left - at the end of the road the tarmac ends nearly under the cliffs and the (now) track goes sharply left. Follow this incredibly bumpy track down and around and you come to another part of the beach right under the very high cliffs. This end of the beach area is really wild looking - there are lots of rock wind-breaks which you can use to stay out of the wind - and around here stripping off is fine is you so wish. The only exception to using Playa de Famara beach for naturists is possibly on Friday afternoons and through weekends when the local Islanders descend onto the beach complete with their tents and BarBqs (plus a granny or two) - often to stay for the weekend.
Lanzarote - El Golfo Green sea-lake
El Golfo
Lanzarote - El Golfo beach
El Golfo beach
Lanzarote rough seas at El Golfo
El Golfo
El-Golfo beach (Lanzarote
El Golfo beach
Papagaya beach on Lanzarote.
Papagayo Beaches
Papagayo beach - Lanzarote
A Papagayo Beach
Papagayo beach coastline (Lanzarote)
Small cove
The Papagayo coast Lanzarote
Coastal Area
Mujeres and Pozo beaches all seemed to be mixed bathing i.e. you could be just in your skin or wear an overcoat. A boat ferry operates from Playa Blanca to Papagayo beach leaving several times a day, otherwise unless you are prepared to walk to those beaches you have to drive to them.
Playa de Famara on Lanzarote
Playa de Famara
Lanzarote - Playa de Famara
Playa de Famara
Lanzarote - Playa Blanca beach
Playa Blanca Beach
Lanzarote - Playa de Puerto Muelas beach
Playa de
Puerto Muelas
Lanzarote - Playa Dorada beach
Playa Dorada Beach
Lanzarote Beaches - Playa Mujeres
Playa Mujeres
Lanzarote - Bahia De Penedo beach
Bahia de Penedo
Lanzarote - La Graciosa beach
La Graciosa
La Graciosa beach on Lanzarote
La Graciosa beach
Lanzarote - beaches around Malpais Corona coast
Malpais Corona
coast beaches
Malpais Corona, Lanzarote
Corona beach
Lanzarote - Malpais Corona
Beautiful beaches
at Malpais Corona

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