A fairly easy Walk to try on Gran Canaria.

This one way walk takes you through one of Gran Canaria's colourful Barrancos and back down to the coast at Playa des Ingles.

Having travelled up the GC60 out of Playa des Ingles on our Gran Canaria driving tour and seeing the really nice rock formations and the barrancos along the way it was quite irresistible to not go for at least one walk in the area. To get to the start of this walk take a number 18 bus out of Playa des Ingles and get off at the stop just past the Camel Safari Park (not Manolo's Camel Safari). The beautiful browns, yellows and greens which can be seen on the rocks make this an excellent walk - look at the colours on our top - albeit somewhat large - header picture. Incidentally this is also quite a popular little circuit using the tracks for going around on mountain bikes rather than walking as there are quite a few sidetracks to explore if cycling.
This walk is very straightforward - you would be pressed to get at all lost - but take some water and perhaps something to eat since of course there are no cafes etc out there. Walk on up the road for around a kilometre and then take the marked track going off the left on a bend - this is the GC60 to Ayagaures. The track continues next to the main road for a while but does descend to eventually switch back at the bottom of the barranco via a bridge.
Follow the track as it goes more or less level along the hillside with the bottom of the barranco becoming deeper and deeper below you - the Camel Safari soon comes into view far down on the left whilst to the right are marvellous rock formations - don't forget to keep turning round and looking at the ever changing rocks behind you - the colours when the sun hits them is really good. Also note the prado running along the hillside above - this prado goes for some KMs - the work involved in making and maintaining this is impressive. The track splits after a few kilometres with the main track going off round the hill quite sharply to the right and another track carrying straight on but heading downwards.
Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria dusty barranco on Gran Canaria
This straight-on track is the way back, however if you have sufficient time it is first worth while taking the right hand track and following it on round the valley and then back inland. This particular track actually goes to Ayagaures - it twists a little as it heads back towards a high rockface to eventually reach a bridge buried in the hillside - way below is the hamlet/farm of Paisaje and all round you are high rock faces - again the rocks formations and colours round here are are brilliant. How far you go on is up to you bearing in mind that you have to return back to the track junction to continue the basic walk.
Once back at the junction turn right and follow the track down into the bottom of the barranco - now high above you on the left is the viewing point of El Mirador de Fataga - you can see people who have parked for the view but they just look like dots it is so high up.
The track now is heavily lined with prickly pears and other vegetation - near the bottom are several farms and the track nearly completes a circle as it goes past them. Simply stay on this track as it eventually leaves the farms and heads back towards the coast again. You will notice on the left a Prado which more or less follows the track - this still has a quite fast running supply of water going along it so quite nice for a splash to get the dust off.
Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria Prado Gran Canaria Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria
Lomos-de-los-Vicentes Walk on Gran Canaria Gran Canaria Barranco The track eventually comes out by some extensive quarry works which does somewhat spoil the final part of the walk however on the right the Prado still continues and is now fairly high up on the hillside - and has it's own series of bridges to carry it over the various indents on the rocks. Just carry on to the quarry entrance where the track becomes tarmac - keep going and after a short while another tarmac road goes off to the left - take this and walk on up this quite steep road to reach the GC60. Follow along this road which takes you over the motorway and back into Playa des Ingles.
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