Fuerteventura Walks & Photos.

Fuertentura is not just a volcanic Canary Island - it also has a variety of sand dunes and desert conditions offering unusual walks to try out.

There are plenty of opportunities to walk reasonable distances on and along beaches and coastlines whilst on holiday in Fuerteventura, often with hardly anybody else around. For naturists it is easily possible to strip off and have an enjoyable nude walk on quite a few parts of the island. For instance you can do such walking on the fairly lonely Pared Isthmus coast and it's dunes or enjoy the somewhat busier but really scenic beach walk from Morro Jable to Coasta Calma. These Fuerteventura beach type walks are perfectly ok to do with nothing on if you wish although wearing a hat is probably a good idea.

The Crater Walk on Fuerteventura which goes from Lajares to Corralejo.

This walk is mentioned in various guide books so we decided to do have a go at it. We have hiked this route both ways and found the most enjoyable way to walk it is from Lajares (car parking available by the Camel Centre) and by taking the track as far as the end of the hills and where Corralejo appears in the distance. It is easy enough to continue on and create a circular which is what we did but we would not do so another time as the Corralejo part of this walk is sometimes through really scruffy rubbish tips plus there are annoying barking dogs around and also a long road section. Therefore it's much better by far to simply return back the way you went out.
Calderon-Hondo, Fuerteventura Calderon Hondo Herders hut, Fuerteventura Fuerteventura Crater walk Majanicho to Caleta del Marrajo walk, Fuerteventura
The walk from the Camel Centre took us around four hours, but this did include us spending a fair bit of time looking round the re-created Herders Hut, messing about around the crater and so on. Note there is no shade on the walk anywhere therefore you need to take drinks with you plus of course a hat. The track starts on the right side of the road (almost opposite the Camel Centre) and the path is beautifully paved and stone walled.Faro de Toston beach Fuerteventura You walk round a brown volcanic mound - Montana Colorada, and then arrive on a large stonewalled plain and can see Calderon Hondo on your left with the paved path leading to its base. From the viewing platform at the top there are really good views for miles around, with for instance the Corralejo dunes quite visible. You can clearly see paths below leading to the various rebuilt dwellings etc, the Herders Hut is worth a detour. The walk itself continues straight across the plain to a dirt track, turn left and just keep going for as long as you fancy it. Corralejo appears just after you pass the Bayuyo Crater which we felt was a good turning point.
From Lajares there is a road which passes the Camel Centre and then becomes an extremely rutted dirt road, which after several kilometres gets you to Majanicho on the coast. We parked here and then set off for a walk towards the lighthouse at Faro de Toston. Facing the sea turn left and follow the track, which mostly follows the coast in and out of several small beaches and inlets. After about 2 hours (5 miles) we got as far as Caleta del Marrajo which was within sight of the lighthouse and then found our own little sandy beach where we stripped off, had a picnic and swim and then eventually walked back to Majanicho.

The Mirador cliff top and coastal walk on Fuerteventura.

A fairly long walk which does really require walking boots/decent pumps, as well as taking water and perhaps a picnic, starts from the Mirador by taking the path immediately before the viewing platform.
Pena Horadada, Fuerteventura Punta Garda, Fuerteventura Bearing left on the top head along the cliffs and after a while you come to a broken down wire fence/gate. From here either follow the cliff edge or just go straight across the rough ground towards a barranco wall ahead and then Pena Horadada becomes visible. To get down to it bear slightly right and find the track which leads into the barranco and the beach. This takes around 40 minutes from the car park and is a good place to stop for a picnic etc. However, if you wish to explore further, when you reach the barranco turn right (away from the beach) and follow a deep cut (a dry river bed) until you come to a turn on the left heading UP. At the top it's up to you where you walk from here - you can either continue following the coast but we decided on making a circuit by heading slightly right and following the track heading for the top of the distant hill. At the top of the hill on your left you can see another huge barranco and we made our way down towards it on an initially very steep track. Once in the barranco turn left and follow it to the sea. Just before you reach the sea take note of a very steep path on your left - this is your return route. To get right onto the beach you have to scramble down a drop over some large rocks which we found easiest to do on the left side.
La Pared - Fuerteventura On the beach you have good views of the sea through huge rocks on the right-hand side, and on the left if you climb over and through the rocks you will come to small pools - with hungry fish in them quite willing to share your picnic. Return to the track mentioned above, keep climbing until you reach the flatter area and follow the track across and eventually back to Pena Horadada. This walk took us around five hours however we did dawdle a bit but in any case you do need to take drinks with you.
If you go south on the main road you will come to La Pared; turn right and then right again and follow the road bearing left to the coast where you will find a really good cafe/restaurant (which also has a swimming pool with water slides and a children's pool). The views from the cafe and from the cliffs are excellent.

Morro Jable to Costa Calma Fuerteventura naturist beach walk.

Perhaps this is the one walk which many visitors to Fuerteventura may of heard of - and one which quite a few will at least walk part of. The only real way is to take very little with you, get to one end of the beach or the other and then strip off and start walking.
The full walk is around 16 kilometres and as it's mostly on sand it can be quite hard/tiring on your feet, but at least there are several restaurants on the way which helps. Because of the strain on your feet it is worth taking sandals or pumps for a bit of relief and also at times depending on the tide you have to go over rocks and stoney/sand surfaces. We have walked this several times, the last time we parked at Costa Calma and caught the bus to Morro Jable - the buses are frequent during the morning and inexpensive. The walk is straightforward, just follow the beach - sometimes going over long sandy beaches or walking round the rocky outlets and then back to beach.
Eventually you come to the Playa de Sotavento de Jandia, pictures of which appear in most brochures.
MorroJablo-Costa Calma walk, Fuerteventura Morro Jablo - Costa Calma beaches, Fuerteventura Playa-de-Sotavento, Fuerteventura Fuerteventura - Playa de Sotavento 16km beach walk
Playa de Sotavento has a sweeping sandbar with tidal lagoons - if the tide is out you can walk the sandbar otherwise its a long trog through around 1 to 2 feet of water or you can go along the outer shoreline on the shallower sandbar. When you eventually pass the wind surfers centre don't kid yourself you have nearly finished walking - you have to continue over or round the next set of rocks (depending on the tide) and then the final beach comes into sight - Costa Calma's main beach - and it is a long beach - especially when you have already walked around 14 or 15 kms.

Fuerteventura - driving, walking and wandering around Pared Isthmus.

If you drive south from Costa Calma towards Morro Jable you cannot fail to notice the wind generators and sand dunes on your right. This area is known as the Pared Isthmus, and is excellent for exploring either by jeep or on foot.Wind Generators, Fuerteventura If walking, a good place to park/start is at the Hodge Podge Fuerte shopping centre, which not only has ample parking but also several restaurants and cafes - something you will appreciate hugely if you do go walking for a few hours since there is nothing out on the Pared Isthmus but sand and a beautiful rocky shore line.
It is quite remote out on Fuerteventura's beautiful Pared Isthmus and if it's very windy or the sand is flying be wary of taking this walk or even driving here. The tracks get covered up very easily with drifting sand and it's simple to get dis-orientated (and possibly beached in a dune). Don't forget to take DRINKs with you. We really loved being in this area though and have walked around here quite a few times. The walk is more or less a rectangular trip which starts from the Hodge Podge Centre - walk up the narrow road on the right of the buildings and keep going up past the houses until you reach the dunes. The track basically heads straight across the dunes with the wind generators on your left - just stay on the main track and ignore incoming left and right cross tracks etc..
Pared Isthmus shoreline, Fuerteventura Fuerteventura - Pared Isthmus shoreline Barbery squirrel spotted on Fuerteventura Pared Isthmus, Fuerteventura
Eventually the sea comes into view and you will find your track apparently disappearing between high rolling sand banks. A little further on you come to a rocky ledge with a steepish slope heading to the shoreline. Make your way down this in careful zig-zag fashion - you can usually spot footprints of previous walkers to show the way. Once on the beach you can head left to walk to one end of the beach eventually walking across a huge rocky platform.
Fuerteventura - Pared Isthmus Having explored this now head for the other end of the beach, enjoying the marvelous waves, rock colours and general scenery on the way. This beach is often quite deserted so it's fine for stripping off and wandering around and for having a sunbathe - the water is great too but real care needs to be taken if you go into the sea as the waves can be really violent and the currents are strong. There are several good places to stop and picnic and you will almost certainly have guests for lunch - the ever present Barberry Squirrels. At the far end a dramatic rocky outcrop shows the end of the beach. Return from here a few hundred yards to a very sandy track which heads up to the cliff top - near to the top the track bears slightly left and then eventually reaches the very top. Continue towards the merging Barranco which is slightly to the right - keep on the left-hand side track of the Barranco until you meet a crossing track, then turn left and head for trees and houses and eventually the road. Turn right and walk back up the hill to the Hodge Podge Centre - and perhaps have a cold beer.
Pared Isthmus shoreline - Fuerteventura Another similar walk is to park as above, head out on the track past the wind generators after which you come to a major cross track, turn left on this and head towards the huge dune which has come into view. This climb is quite deceptive since as with many hills the top never seems to be the top - also the track up the dune is very deep in sand and quite hard going - i.e. sometimes seemingly one step forward and two steps back... At the top of the dune there are excellent views (flying sand permitting) including the huge beach of Cofete to the south, La Pared to the north and Costa Calma beach across the island. From here make your way down the dunes towards the visible rocky shoreline and when you get to the cliff edge turn right - beware of crumbling edges though. Eventually you come to the track down to the beach as mentioned above. Having enjoyed the beach make your way back up the cliff using the climb you went down on - and then simply follow the track back across the sand dunes (always heading towards the visible wind generators) and subsequently back to the starting point at the Hodge Podge Centre.
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