Visiting The Canary Islands.

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Fuerteventura Island in The Canaries.

The often windy Canary Island of Fuerteventura is about a four and a half hour flight Playa de Sotavento on the Holiday Island of Fuerteventura from Gatwick in England and is well known for it's surfing possibilities - however we like going on holiday to Fuerteventura for it's fantastic beaches, good food and excellent track and coastal walking opportunities.
Fuerteventura Beach Guide. Fuerteventura Beaches are excellent for naturists to use and there are some really enjoyable naturist beach-walks possible on the island as well. You can find quite isolated beaches if you prefer (such as the beach at Playa de Sotavento photo on the right) to be more or less alone or you can go onto the often quite busy beaches around the sand dunes north of Caleta. Our Fuerteventura holidays topics have lots of information about Corralejo and it's extensive sand dunes, the popular package holiday resorts of Caleta de Fuste and Costa Calma, the brilliantly wild and fairly deserted Jandia Peninsula, Las Playitas with it's Barranco and black sandy beach, the Lighthouse at El Faro de Entallada, a scenic drive around Cardon and visiting the really nice town of Pajara.
If interested in trying some Walks on Fuerteventura whilst on holiday we have walks-instructions on several - from wandering around out in the Fuerteventura sand dunes to coastal hiking to walking up (extinct) volcanic cones and also going off out into Fuerteventura's lava areas - these walks descriptions are all accompanied with many Fuerteventura photos.

Gran Canaria - in the Canary Islands.

We thought that apart from the obvious attraction of it's beaches Gran Canaria was also excellent for holiday touring and sightseeing. Gran Canaria - Puerto de Mogan fishing boatsThis round-shaped Canary Island has lots of forests and barrancos which are well worth visiting up in it's mountainous interior - and there are also an extensive series of paths out in the hills and forests plus plenty of walking available around the Gran Canaria coastline.
Beaches on Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria has plenty of really great beaches to explore and use whilst on holiday - one of the best known is the huge beach area at Maspolomos which is also well known for it's extensive sand dunes. Maspolomos beach is well used by naturists and you will also probably find nudists wandering about in and around the sand dunes. Note for swimmers - around here it's worth being aware that much of the wide sandy beach area located between Faro and Maspolomos is red flagged due to dangerous sea currents.

Gran Canaria Locations and Places of interest for touring and sightseeing:
Playa des Ingles. A sprawling area packed with holiday hotels and apartments - Playa des Ingles seamlessly joins into Maspolomos.
Puerto Rico. Lots of people stay here for their holidays - the hotels and apartments are built right up the sides of the barranco and go quite a distance inland as well. Gran Canaria's Puerto Rico has quite a large and pleasant sandy beach which is particularly suitable for children.
Puerto de Mogan. Quite a lot of building has occurred further up Puerto de Mogan's barranco but this seaside holiday area and port is quite pretty and would perhaps be our first choice to stay at on a future Gran Canaria holiday . There are plenty of restaurants and bars, a lovely harbour area with fishing boats etc.(see the Photo a little above on the right) all of which are perfect for an evening stroll after your meal - and Puerto de Mogan has a really good beach which seems to be pretty safe for young children too.
Mirador/Pico and the Caldera de Bandama. South of Tafira the Mirador is certainly a place to visit, offering excellent views of Las Palmas and the surrounding Gran Canaria countryside.
Whilst on holiday don't miss a trip out to this small town located in the centre of Gran Canaria but do go there early since loads of coach trips turn up every day and it gets packed. Tejeda probably has the nicest looking church on the island.

Canary Island of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is quite different to it's nearest neighbour Fuerteventura - it is a particularly unusual and scenic Canary Island. Lanzarote has a lot to offer for a holiday with it's excellent beaches, great sightseeing around the coasts, volcanic areas and of course the island normally enjoys lovely Canary Island weather to help survive a hard day out at a beach.
Lanzarote coast at  Malpais Corona beach.Walking on Lanzarote: Lanzarote is a great place for walks and on or via our Lanzarote Walks topic we have described 11 walks all of which are packed with pictures. The walks are a mixture of one way or circular trips and vary in distance from just a few kilometres to longer and potentially quite tiring 20km efforts.
Lanzarote Beaches. Possibly the best Lanzarote beaches can be found in the south of the Island around Playa Blanca. Playa de Papagayo is probably the most well known but there also great beaches at Mujeres and Pozo. As is normally the case on the Canary Islands most of Lanzarote Beaches are generally available for both naturists and non-naturists i.e. you can take your pick on just how much to wear (or not wear) whilst sunbathing and swimming - it's up to you with nobody (usually) getting excited about things.
One of our favourite Lanzarote beaches for naturist swimming and sunbathing was at the often very under used Playa de Famara beach. Playa de Famara is a really wild and scenic beach because of it's backdrop of rugged colourful cliffs and gorgeous waves - but there are no facilities at this Lanzarote beach.

Various Lanzarote locations and places to consider visiting:
Salinas de Janubio - Lanzarote's huge saltpan area.
Los Hervidores - you can watch the waves pounding in through blowholes.
El Golfo - with it's unusual bright green water lagoon (a picture of El Golfo above).
La Geria - Parque Natural de los Volcanos - Timanfaya area.
Teguise - a really nice little Lanzarote town which also has a large Sunday market.

La Graciosa Island - La Gracios is a small island located just off Lanzarote's Coast and is really interesting to visit for the day - there is also a short walk described for that island. Please see our Volcanic Lanzarote and our Bumpy Lanzarote Walks items for topics and photos on the above-mentioned places.
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