Mira Rio Levadas and Silves Walk.

A pleasant circular walk to try at Silves in The Algarve.

This is a really enjouable 8 kilometre or so walk which visits Silves Old Town Castle, then continues alongside levadas before returning via forest tracks.
Silves is a busy, medium size town which is well worth visiting just for a look round (there is a nice Roman bridge which crosses the river and also a fine castle) - under normal circumstances the town has loads of parking available.
From the south cross the bridge into Silves then turn left onto the 124 road at the traffic lights - the main car parks are located a little way along on the left. Note when we last visited Silves the entire car park was cordoned off for repairs so we had to park on the road side but probably all is available again now.
(Incidentally the variety of dogs seen in some of the photos are not our dogs - 4 of them just joined us for the walk).
Roman Bridge at Silves - The Algarve Algarve - Silves showing it's large castle/castro Start the walk by making your way through the town and go via the high arch gateway of the tower then head steeply uphill to the Cathedral. Continue straight ahead passing the Cathedral to reach an area where there are some shops and a cafe, turn right and work your way on round the Cathedral and then turn left at the next road junction. This road goes downhill soon passing a picnic area on the right and the castle can be seen high above you on the left. Ignore a junction on the right and continue down to a main road junction.
Silves in The Algarve Silves - The Algarve Silves, The Algarve. Silves, The Algarve
distant windmill at Silves, The Algarve. Silves, The Algarve. Algarve windmill near Silves outside Silves, The Algarve.
Go left and then shortly go right onto a track which goes alongside an orange grove - there used to be a wetland area on the right but this seems to have disappeared under tarmac and concrete. The track becomes concrete as it climbs up by some houses and then reaches the wide levada by a small footbridge. Cross the bridge and turn right along the levada's path for a few metres then turn left on a small path heading towards some houses. On reaching a narrow road go left and then shortly afterwards go right on a tarmac road - the windmill at Encherim now comes into view perched on top of a hill.On reaching the aquaduct turn sharp left and at the next road junction turn right - follow this along then take a narrow road on the right - this climbs and then when you come to some houses take a track on the left. This track climbs very steeply to the clearly visible windmill. (note it is possible this windmill is now privately owned since it appeared that it was being renovated and presumably will/has becomes someone's house.)
The views of the surrounding countryside are excellent up here - with quite a few large hillocks visible and tracks wandering about all over the place - you can easily see lots of options for walking out into the area although as far as we are aware none/hardly any of these tracks are on any map. Our walk continued by going past the windmill and soon quite steeply down and then back up as the track goes across the ridge - at the end of the ridge go left downhill going towards and then passing a fenced area and farm buildings on the left to reach a junction. Take the track on the right and follow this as it goes steeply uphill - keep right when the track forks and then on reaching a T-junction go left.
Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve
Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve dog and levada at Silves, The Algarve. Silves Castle, The Algarve.
The track climbs and as it bends at yet another track junction go sharp right- the track winds it's way down into a valley and then reaches a wide track junction. Go sharp left and continue on down through the valley - the area is full of trees including eucalyptus - simply stay on the main track ignoring a track on the left at a bend - until you reach a major T-junction. Turn left onto the wide dirt road and then as it reaches houses it becomes tarmac.
Continue straight ahead passing several houses then just as you reach a huge palm tree on the left go left on a narrow walkway up steps to reach a tarmac road. Go left then shortly look for a path on the right which takes you up to the levada. Cross the somewhat smelly levada then turn left and follow it all the way back to the bridge crossed earlier. Turn right and re-trace your steps back into the centre of Silves.
Silves walk in the Algarve Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve Silves - The Algarve
On reaching the church go round the back of it by the small cafe where you will find the entrance to the castle - which is well worth visiting. There is a small entrance fee and you may well find workmen restoring parts of the inside area but there are things to see and excellent views all round Silves.

A Mira-Rio Levadas Walk in the Algarve.

This walk gives a nice end to the day perhaps after the Silves walk above - simply wander around as little or as far as you wish. You can easily walk from Silves to Mira Rio mostly along the levada but we did not have time - however on our way back from walking the above short Silves circular we went the long way back to Albufeira and stopped off and parked at the Mira Rio restaurant car-park just to have a quick look round. The restaurant is located about 4.5kms along the Silves to Odelouca 124 road and is on the left immediately before a right hand bend. Go to the left hand side of the restaurant through a gate and then between buildings and follow the driveway, this bends left and very shortly arrives above the levada.
Mira Rio Levadas - The Algarve Mira Rio Levadas - The Algarve Mira Rio Levada, The Algarve. Mira Rio Levadas on The Algarve
Almost immediately after leaving the tarmac area/yard there is a rough narrow path which cuts off diagonally down the bank on scree to the levada - cross over and then go left walking away from the restaurant. It is up to you how far you want to walk - as mentioned it is possible to go all the way back to Silves if you wish. The levada wanders around as it follows the course of the river which is on the right. Above and below are a few photographs we took around this area which we hope are of interest.
Algarve's Mira Rio Levadas Mira Rio Levadas Algarve's Levadas Algarve - Mira Rio
On your return and before climbing back up the bank to the car park perhaps stay on the levada path and continue on past the Mira Rio restaurant and just a little way along you can see where the levada crosses the river.
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