Algarve Western Atlantic Coast - enjoying The Algarve's beautiful coastal area.

Visiting and wandering around Cabo de Sao Vincent, Torre de Aspa and Sagres which are located over on Portugal's Western Atlantic Coast.

Algarve - Nossa Senhora do Guadelupe Algarve - near Figueira - Senhora do Guadalupe. This Algarve topic is really about describing the area itself (the far western coast of The Algarve) rather than giving actual walks descriptions. This because there is plenty of opportunity to tour and wander around the coastline and countryside going as far as you wish so we have settled for mostly just putting some photographs below to give an idea of what there is to see for some Algarve holiday sightseeing. You can get across to this Western Atlantic coastline quite easily and quickly by using the usually quite empty 125 road which goes via Vila do Bispo right into Sagres. On the way it is worth stopping off to visit the Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe (see the pictures on the right) - this is located on a small road which leaves the 125 shortly after the main road by-passes Figueira - (it is well sign-posted).
Algarve - Sagres Fortelza Fortaleza entrance at Sagres, The Algarve.

Fortaleza de Sagres - The Algarve.

This Portuguese Fort [N37°01'24" W008°59'45"] is quite unusual in that you might expect a fort to be a square structure - this fort only has a massive front - there being no need to protect the other three sides since the rest of the inside is protected by very high cliffs. The entrance fee to get into the fort is around 3 Euros - once inside you will find various buildings including two churches and a museum and then a quite large area of open ground which goes out some way to the Atlantic coastline.
Sagres cliffs, The Algarve. Algarve-Sagres-Fort church high cliffs Sagres - Algarve Sagres beach, The Algarve.
The area is quite extensive inside the fort so it's easy to spend several hours wandering around. There are still several gun emplacements on the cliff edges with several cannon on display but perhaps one of the features of the area is all about the local fishermen.
The cliffs here are very high indeed and the edges are quite fragile to say the least, yet these fishermen stand on the very edges and then lean right over so they can watch their floats and line far below. They even can be seen half way down the cliffs perched on really narrow ledges - again quite happily leaning right out. One of the buildings just inside the fort entrance houses a display of photographs taken of these fishermen over the years which are well worth taking a look (and it is free to go in).
As is normal on this Algarve coastline the cliffs are really impressive and colourfull to look at and you also get good views of the surrounding area and of the various Algarve beaches.
Algarve - Sagres-Fort Sagres beach and cliffs, The Algarve. Cliff views at Sagres, The Algarve. inside Sagres fort, The Algarve.

Cabo de Sao Vincent - Algarve Coast.

From Fortaleza de Sagres you can then drive round and head west along the coast road to the Cape - this is the most westerly part of Europe.
Algarve - Cabo de Sao Vincent Lighthouse, The Algarve. Cabo-de-Sao-Vincent cliffs, The Algarve. Algarve - Cabo de Sao Vincent cliffs High Western Atlantic cliffs in The Algarve
It is therefore worth going there for that reason but to be honest there is not a lot to see - there is a lighthouse but it's behind locked gates - the tourist escursion coaches turn up so it can be quite crowded and apart from that there are just some gift shops and stalls. The cliffs are of course pretty good to look at but in truth that is about it.

Torre de Aspa - The Algarve.

[N37°05'08" W008°57'07"] This is located further up the coast and is reached by returning to Vila do Bispo then as you go through the town look out for a road on the left signposted Castelejo - this small road takes you to the beach but part way along the road (around 2.5kms) you will see a large picnic area located on both sides of the road.
farm near Torre de Aspa, The Algarve. Torre de Aspa - Algarve, Portugal straight bit near the coast - Algarve tree lined path near Torre de Aspa, The Algarve.
There is a notice board with a map of the area and a wide dirt road which takes you to the Torre de Aspa. We did walk to the Torre but to get there you really do wind about a lot mostly on track - from the Torre you can then continue on to Ponte de Aspa. This is where you will find yet another example of the Algarve's brilliant coastlines - wonderfull cliffs, beautiful sea views with huge Atlantic rollers crashing in and on top of this views of the magnificent Algarve beach of Praia do Castelejo.
Atlantic coast - Algarve lots of beaches around Querenca, The Algarve. empty beach - Querenca, The Algarve. Algarve Atlantic coast beach, The Algarve.
Depending on what time you have and your inclination you can walk for miles up this Atlantic coastline - the beaches and scenery just seem to get better. Note however that part of the lower sections of this coastline is susceptible to tides - i.e. it's only walkable during low tide.
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