The Algarve - colourful Albufeira Beach

Paderne and Alte - Walks around the Algarve inland towns of Paderne and Alte.

Portugal Algarve Alte Circular Walk with Pictures.

A fairly short circular walk into the Algarve hills and back which can either be a 4km circuit or if you go further into the countryside as we did then the distance is around 8.5kms - both walks start from the Fonte Grande. AlteAlte is located inland to the north of Abulfeira on the 124 road - the town has very narrow streets which are best walked round rather than driven. To park keep on the 124 road towards Salir and take the signposted road on the left to Fonte Grande. After crossing the narrow bridge turn right and around half a kilometre along there is a picnic area and parking available - there is a cafe located here too. Note that on weekends and especially Sundays it gets really busy so you need to get there early else perhaps pick a weekday when parking is easy. Remember to take some bread with you since the resident - fat - ducks who live by the picnic area will expect to be fed. This picnic area at the Fonte Grande is a great place for children to play - the water is shallow, clean and looked ok for paddling and messing about etc. From the picnic area continue along the tarmac road - this soon becomes a wide often stone-walled dirt track which goes through trees and countryside.
Fonte grande - Algarve (Alte) Alte - The Algarve Alte - Portugal The Algarve Alte - The Algarve Algarve-Alte Walk Algarve - Alte walk, The Algarve.

However we wanted to have a bit more of a look round the area - the following description is therefore a "there and back" section. Continued climbing up the road which soon started to bend round to the right now going through orange groves.
The road reverts to being a dirt track - there are good views of the surrounding area from here - the track goes sort of level for a while and then descends eventually quite steeply to reach a track junction.

countryside walking near Alte, The Algarve. Alte Walk, Portugal, The Algarve. farm buildings near Alte - Algarve Algarve flora Alte circular walk

The stream is just a little way ahead if you want to take a look - we did of course - however turn left at the junction and follow this narrow farm track which is bordered by high reeds and general wet area caused by the nearbye stream. We walked until we reached an open area where there were several ruined buildings - here we sat under the trees and ate our lunch whilst enjoying the views of the farmland and hills. Eventually we simply retraced our steps back via the orange groves to the previously mentioned road junction** - went right and followed this really nice little road back as described earlier to the Fonte.

Before leaving it's worth having a look round Alte - only a few minutes walk back to the bridge from the picnic area.

Alte, The Algarve. Portugal - Alte street Portugal - Alte church Algarve, Portugal - Alte hungry ducks at Alte in The Algarve

Don't cross the bridge and don't forget to feed the poor starving fat ducks - just go straight ahead into the town and wander around enjoying looking at the buildings, church, houses and pretty streets and flowers.

Paderne - Algarve

A Paderne Algarve 14km Circular walk with climbs - visits Paderne Castle and a Roman Bridge.

This walk also goes through beautiful countryside on rolling hills via a windmill before returning back across the bridge and returning to Paderne. The walk starts from the centre of Paderne where there is a fairly large car park available (near the cemetery and adjacent to the football stadium). The town can be quite busy on Saturdays since they have a street market. It should be noted that Paderne Castle is not all that fantastic - much of it is ruined and fenced off so you cannot even get inside - so if you intended simply driving up to "see the castle" the fairly long bumpy trip up the track is probably not worth the trouble. However visiting the castle as part of the walk is not a problem.
Paderne area walk on the Algarve Paderne walk The Algarve - Fonte near Paderne Paderne - The Algarve Paderne, The Algarve. Paderne-Walk

Paderne Castle (Portugal, The Algarve.) Paderne-Walk, The Algarve. Just after going under the motorway the main track goes left but keep straight ahead and just after a notice board take a small path on the left - this climbs up to eventually re-join a dirt track just before the castle. Continue along to the castle - as mentioned you cannot get inside but you can walk completely round it's still imposing walls and enjoy the views of the valley and river below - also you get a sneak preview of the Roman Bridge amongst the trees. Facing the castle entrance take the path on it's left side - at the end of the castle wall continue straight on via a really narrow path - this wanders along the hillside at first heading away from the Roman Bridge before going left and heading at times quite steeply downhill to reach a path alongside the river bed.
Roman Bridge, The Algarve. Castle near Paderne, The Algarve. Turn left and follow this really nice path sometimes passing through really heavy foliage to reach the Roman Bridge - on the way there are pretty good views of the Castle including a view of the church - not previously visible. Cross the bridge and turn left - after a short distance look for a narrow path on the right which goes steeply up hill - stay on this path - shortly after passing a ruined building on the right the path seems to end but it does in fact go left and soon becomes a much wider path.
On reaching a t-junction turn right now onto a narrow track which has heavy and really wide stone walls.

Roman bridge Algarve-Paderne-Walk Paderne - The Algarve Paderne, The Algarve. Paderne Walk Paderne - The Algarve

The track goes fairly straight and descends a little to reach a track junction - go left and then at the next junction go right - you can now see the motorway bridge and a corrugated building. This bit of the walk is not so good since the area has been used for dumping rubbish (however this does not last for very long) and then cross the motorway bridge.

Algarve Windmill - Paderne Paderne - The Algarve Paderne, The Algarve. Paderne - The Algarve Algarve-Paderne-Walk Paderne - The Algarve

You eventually pass houses complete with yappy dogs and there is a large iron sign "Azenha" across the path. Go down this steep and stoney track - the castle is now high up ahead of you. A little way down the track take a path on the right which drops sometimes steeply back to the river where you turn right. (However it's worth diverting left here to take a look at the old mill, millstones and the river a little way along). Follow the path alongside the river bed and after about a kilometre you will arrive back at the Roman Bridge which you cross.

Algarve-Paderne-WalkPaderne - The AlgarveAlgarve Roman Bridge (Paderne area)MillstonePaderne - The AlgarvePaderne

Paderne - Algarve
Turn right along the road which soon starts to climb then as the road bends right take a track on the left by a ruined building. The track soon becomes a road - just stay on this eventually passing a lot of houses and apartments on the left - stay on the main road passing a school and soon getting a good view of Paderne and the football stadium below you. Follow the road steeply down into Paderne - at the road junction go right and head back to the car park/start point.

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