Algarve Atlantic Coast - Walks along the rocky beautiful cliffs.

Two Atlantic Coastal Walks around the Benagil Area of The Algarve visiting a lighthouse and nearly always with magnificent Algarve Cliffs nearbye.

Carvoeiro to Benagil Walk on The Algarve (via Alfanzina lighthouse) and back.

This 12 kilometre Algarve Coastal Walk is pretty easy to follow since you just go along the coastal path, so we have not put any particular walking instructions - mostly just many photographs showing off the really fantastic cliffs and general scenery around this area. The walk starts off at Carvoeiro - don't park in the town instead park at the top of the cliffs by the church where there are loads of parking spaces. With the sea in front of you go right on the road and wander down hill a little way to get a really nice view of the town's buildings and beach. Return back and pass the church on it's left and then head over to the sea and pick up the cliff path - this path mostly follows the cliff edge across open ground to reach the cafe and grotto at Algar Seco.
Algarve Carvoeiro Portugal Carvoeiro Benagil Coast - The Algarve Algarve - Algar Seco Grotto - Portugal Portugal Algarve lovely coastline
fabulous rock formations on the Algarve Coast Portugal - Carveoiro Benagil Coastline - the Algarve Algarve's Carvoeiro - Benagil coast Carvoeiro Benagil coastline - Algarve
You have to descend fairly steep steps to look around - well worth doing - and you get your first glimpse of the really good cliff and rock formations which will be a feature of the rest of the walk. Back on the cliff path just continue along - the path undulates quite a bit which involves a few mildly steep climbs in places but you really don't notice this because of the spectacular rugged and colourfull cliffs. There are several small beaches to be seen way below which seemed to be accessible by steps or climbing down - take care of the cliff edges around here as they are very fragile in places. You then get a view ahead of the lovely Praia de Vale de Senteanes beach and it's concrete hotel although the building is quite low lying and does not particularly spoil the view.
Carvoeiro Benagil coastline - Algarve Algarve, Carvoeiro-Benagil Carvoeiro-Benagil coastline - Algarve Portugal - The Algarve, Carvoeiro Benagil coastline
The path goes above the beach here then goes all the way down on a quite slippery scree path to reach a small road. Continue across the road and then take the steps opposite - there are quite a few of them but you do get good views back of the beach etc. - once up continue ahead on the coastal path passing the hotel.
The Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast on the Algarve Carvoeiro-Benagil-Coast Praia do Carvalho Portugal's Algarve - Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast
The path becomes much wider then suddenly where the cliff has fallen into the sea and taken the path with it you have to bear left and take a narrow fenced path which goes through the gardens of some small houses - then re-joins the main coastal path again. The path is again quite wide - passes several large algarves only some of which are fenced - and now you can see the lighthouse of Alfanzina ahead of you. On reaching the lighthouse don't think about going in to take a look because you cannot - pass the lighthouse by going left round a fence then via a carpark and back onto the coastal path again. Carry on along the path - walking down steeply into a small gorge and it's even smaller sandy beach - then out again and a good view back of the lighthouse. The rock formations just seem to get better if that is possible - eventually climb down on really steep steps to reach and pass a small beach (Praia do Carvalho) which looked really picturesque.
Algarve - Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast Portugal The Algarve - Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast The Algarve - Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast - The Algarve Portugal's Algarve - Carvoeiro to Benagil Coast Walking the coastline Carvoeiro to Benagil Benagil fishing village and beach - The Algarve
Having climbed back out of the beach the path becomes quite wide with good views and seemingly very tame sea-birds (they totally ignore you unless you decide to take their photographs - in which case they turn their backs on you of course). Then the path generally drops slowly down into the small fishing village at Benagil where you will find there are several cafes and also a nice little beach. Being a "there and back" walk we eventually wandered back to Carvoeiro more or less the way we had come..

Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve Coastal Walk.

This Algarve walk is an excellent choice for something to do whilst on holiday - it includes easily the best rock formations we have ever seen and also some of the prettiest little beaches too. The walk starts out of Benagil and is another "there and back" so the walk's length is really down to how far you fancy walking - in our case the total distance as described below was 11km. There is not a great deal of hiking instructions given since following the coastal path is not particularly difficult - there are however a lot of photographs of the beautiful scenery and rocks.
Senhora da Rocha walk foggy walk on the Algarve coast Algarve walks - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha
On the day we walked this part of the coast the weather was not too good - we started off in fog and even had a good soaking when heavy rain arrived whilst we were at Praia da Barranquinho. This is mentioned because the weather can deteriorate on the coast and make visibility poor - therefore care needs to be taken on fragile cliff edges and also because of unfenced algarves (blowholes). (The fog did not help with our photos either).
Parking is possible at the "O Litoral" restaurant - depending on which way you come into Benagil you may pass this just before descending down to the beach. We found the roads were not well signposted into Benagil but eventually we found the small harbour - facing inland take the road going to the right hand side of the cove which goes steeply uphill to reach this small parking area by the restarant. From the car park head downhill and just before reaching a restaurant on the left take the rocky steps up to the top of the cliffs area. Head towards the cliff edge and pick up and go left on a well trodden coastal path - a good view of Benagil's small beach is down on the right. The coastal path undulates considerably - you get really good views of the rocks with unbeleivable colours and shapes.
The Algarve - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Portuagl Algarve walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha
Follow the path mostly close to the cliff edge but sometimes going considerably inland to pass deep cuts. There are quite a few tiny beaches along the coast some of which seemed reasonably easy to get onto whilst others involved a considerable scramble.
Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha The Algarve, Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Walk from Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve coast walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha
Around 2kms from the start you reach the car park at Praia da Marinha - cross the car park and then continue on a paved stepped path - part way along you can see steps down to the beach. Continue along the path which soon takes you back onto the cliff top - there are several large algarves around here - some fenced and some are not. Continue along enjoying the marvellous rocks, views and more algarves - sometimes having to walk in and out of deep cuts to eventually reach the small beach at Praia da Albandeira - there are picnic tables here and a small cafe so an ideal place for a lunch break.
The path continues near the side of the beach although you do have to go quite a way inland to go in and out of a cut as you get nearer to Senhora da Rocha. Pass more beaches and soon Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Our Lady of the Rocks) appears in front of you perched on ... rocks... which juts out into the sea.

Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve coastal walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve coast walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha
There are several cafes at Senhora da Rocha - we had a look round the church etc. and then reversed our walk back to Benagil - interestingly the weather did change and we finally saw a bit of sunshine - this altered the colours on the rocks to make them show up completely differently and so made the walk back appear to be a "new walk".
Algarve coast walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha Algarve coast walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha walking along the Algarve coast Senhora da Rocha Algarve coast walk - Benagil to Nossa Senhora de Rocha, Portuagl
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